jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “the black cherry forest enchanted by the emerald princess”

cure - a forest
cocteau twins - wax and wane
radiohead - like spinning plates
current 93 - falling
dead can dance - summoning of the muse
pj harvey - down by the water
bjork - pagan poetry
natacha atlas - le printemps
vas - saphyrro
bel canto - die geschichte einer mutter
sigur ros - vidrar vel til loftarasa
tear garden - in search of my rose
siouxsie & the banshees - scarecrow
low - (that’s how you sing) amazing grace
goldfrapp - black cherry
lamb - gorecki
ekova - temoine
perfume tree - virgin
delerium - twilight
swans - the golden boy that was swallowed by the sea
edward ka-spel - nuts in may
peter gabriel - blood of eden
amber asylum - riviera
nick cave and the dirty three - time jesum transeuntum et non rivertentum
faith and the muse - the birds of rhiannon
cocorosie - raphael
goblin - suspiria
creatures - simoom
stone roses - waterfall
nick drake - black-eyed dog
æ - the day/glava li ta boli
world of skin - please remember me
rasputina - sister sleep
cocteau twins - treasure hiding
zimmer/gerrard gladiator ost - now we are free

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