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gallery girls in sf - westerfeld house - theme: “the opium den & absinthe party”

blood axis - la folie verte
riley/kronos quartet/wu man - the cusp of magic
cure - if only tonight we could sleep
anna guo - the sorrow of lady zhaoju
little dragon - twice
mum - winter (what we never were at all)
yann tiersen - la dispute (third eye foundation remix)
beats antique - the lantern
download - beehatch
xia feiyun - long drum dance Of yao people
cocorosie - black poppies
ghost - beyond coimbula
jarboe - a woman’s dreams
nick cave & the bad seeds - night of the lotus eaters
tricky - overcome
siouxsie & the banshees - face to face
dengue fever - escape form dragon house
marc almond - my little lovers
tiger lillies - pall bearers
cure - kyoto song
low - in the drugs
sparklehorse - it’s a wonderful life
fever ray - mercy street
slowdive - erik’s song
blood axis - variations musicales
circus contraption - the bird girl
deaf center - white lake
jill tracy - the somnabulist waltz
tomandandy/the rules of attraction ost - snow theatre/final steps
tear garden - you and me and rainbows (edit)
tom waits - little drop of poison
morphine - cure for pain
brian eno - china my china
fishtank ensemble - woman in sin
duke ellington - absinthe
dead can dance - the ubiquitous mr lovegrove
kayo dot - wayfarer (excerpt)
au revoir borealis - heavens downward
belly - untogether
beck - strange invitation
badalamenti/la cite des enfants perdus ost - opium prince
sigur ros - track 6
erik satie - gnossienne no. 4
scott walker - amsterdam
cure - open
swans - alcohol the seed
rasputina - momma was an opium smoker
tiger lillies - gin
creatures - inoa’ole
beats antique - slow
coil - windowpane
sneaker pimps - how do
sisters of mercy - never land (a fragment)
current 93/hoh - the dream of a shadow of smoke
lei qiang - the flickering of the candle flame
einsturzende neubauten - blume (french version)
wiccan guy - spooooky fairies
tear garden - last post
world of skin - drink to me only with thine eyes
slowdive - losing today
mazzy star - so tonight that i might see
tom waits / black rider ost - black box theme
tan dun / crouching tiger, hidden dragon ost - the eternal vow
anna guo - bow dance
blood axis - folie verte
scissor sisters - comfortably numb
david bowie - china girl
johnny thunders & the heartbreakers - chinese rocks

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