jason savvy


annihilate this week - the down ‘n out

murder city devils - i want a lot now (so come on)
stooges - no fun
dead kennedys - too drunk to fuck
adolescents - amoeba
minor threat - i don’t wanna hear it (demo)
bad brains - sailin on
rich kids on lsd - adolescent death
999 - homicide
pil - public image
black flag - jealous again
weirdos - we got the neutron bomb
black sabbath - sweet leaf (request)
misfits - last caress
born against - the good father
rudimentary peni - blissful myth
geza x - i hate punks
swingin utters - no eager men
hikage & his wise guys - if the kids are united
fugazi - repeater
bauhaus - dark entries
social distortion - another state of mind
iron maiden - two minutes to midnight
napalm death - nazi punks fuck off
high on fire - hung, drawn, and quartered

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