jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “le grand guignol”

cocteau twins - blood bitch
gary numan - innocence bleeding
trentemoller - blood on the streets
miss kittin - dub about me
unkle - bloodstain
curve - bleeding heart
bjork - bachelorette
soft cell - le grand guignol
peter murphy - cuts you up
switchblade symphony - bloody knuckles
coil - blood from the air
radiohead - we suck young blood
cinema strange - tomb lillies
die form - rain of blood
cure - bloodflowers
christian death - tales of innocence
skinny puppy - double cross
boito / callas - l’altra notte in fondo al mare
jesus and mary chain - reverence
deep red - red
editors - blood
play dead - bloodstains, pleasure
oingo boingo - flesh and blood
valet - blood is clean
blood axis & les joyaux de la princesse - absinthe eternelle
world of skin - blood on your hands
cocorosie - bloody twins
marc & the mambas - catch a fallen star
jill tracy - evil night together
black sabbath - sabbath bloody sabbath
turbonegro - drenched in blood
ac/dc - if you want blood (you got it)
diamanda galas - were you a witness (part 1)
tiger lillies - pall bearers
sleepytime gorilla museum - ablutions
lisa gerrard - la bas (song of the drowned)
charles gounod - funeral march of a marionette

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