jason savvy


gallery girls - gnomon gallery/sketch theatre - theme: “she-devils”

gram rabbit - devil’s playground
6ths - she devils of the deep
bastard fairies - we’re all going to hell
cramps - burn she-devil, burn
misfits - devil’s whorehouse
black rebel motorcycle club - beat the devil’s tattoo
arthur brown - fire
diamanda galas & john paul jones - devil’s rodeo
pain teens - lady of flame
grace jones - devil in my life
jarboe - dear 666
idiot flesh - teen devil worshiper
x - real child of hell
beguiled - she-devil rock
joan jett - bad reputation
cult - lil’ devil
brian eno - baby’s on fire
new york dolls - bad girl
venetian snares - black sabbath
barry adamson - jazz devil
angels of light - shame
skip james - devil got my woman
rolling stones - sympathy for the devil (live)
clash - straight to hell
tricky - she devil (rough monitor mix)
tom waits - hell broke luce
tv on the radio - let the devil in
zola jesus - devil take you
anton lavey - satan takes a holiday
circus contraption - down to the devil you go
builders and the butchers - golden and green
motley crue - shout at the devil
pogues - hell’s ditch
squirrel nut zippers - hell
ann magnuson - sex with the devil
foetus - the only good christian is a dead christian
recoil - jezebel
cramps - like a bad girl should
roy orbison - devil doll
raveonettes - lust
van halen - runnin with the devil
ac/dc - highway to hell
cryptkeeper five - scream she devil scream
smiths - handsome devil
jason webley - devil be good
scarring party - devil knows where
arthur brown - devil’s grip
louvin brothers - satan is real
warhorse - woman of the devil

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