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gallery girls - gallery 2023 - theme: “animals and beasts”

a hawk and a hacksaw - a hawk and a hacksaw
devendra banhart - little monkey
sonic youth - bull in the heather
inspiral carpets - the beast inside
low - monkey
bat for lashes - horse and i
cocorosie - animals
midnight movies - lion song
adam and the ants - dog eat dog
x - hungry wolf
ramones - animal boy
descendents - i wanna be a bear
cramps - in the nest of the cuckoo bird
tv on the radio - wolf like me
pixies - monkey gone to heaven
pj harvey - down by the water
creatures - strolling wolf
cibo matto - know your chicken
april stevens - teach me, tiger
katrine ottosen - the love cats
swans - black eyed dog
pink floyd - pigs (three different ones)
nine inch nails - piggy
radiohead - a wolf at the door
jane’s addiction - pig’s in zen
tom jones - what’s new pussycat
turbonegro - monkey on your back
dickies - you drive me ape (you big gorilla)
tom waits - rain dogs
toy dolls - nellie the elephant
screamin jay hawkins - alligator wine
ween - polka dot tail
six finger satellite - simian fever (excerpt)
david bowie - diamond dogs
patti smith group - space monkey
residents - the moles are coming
wizard of oz ost sample - lions and tigers and bears
tones on tail - lions
leonard cohen - bird on the wire
ween - the golden eel
blonde redhead - elephant woman
cocteau twins - peppermint pig (12 inch version)
subhumans - animal
primus - tommy the cat
gram rabbit - bloody bunnies
magnetic fields - let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits
kate bush - hounds of love
cure - like cockatoos
tiger lillies - learned pig
pulp - dogs are everywhere
iggy pop - i wanna be your dog (live)
cramps - swing the big eyed rabbit
birthday party - release the bats
crystal antlers - owl
dr octagon - half shark alligator half man
ween - mister, would you please help my pony?
skatalites - el pussycat
peter gabriel - kiss that frog
jarboe/lustmord - nature of the beast
creatures - gecko
tokens - the lion sleeps tonight
bloodhound gang - bad touch example

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