jason savvy


annihilate this week - the down ‘n out

descendents - weinerschnitzel
swingin utters - teenage genocide
adolescents - amoeba
social distortion - the creeps (i just wanna give you)
iron maiden - the number of the beast
circle jerks - wild in the streets
jawbreaker - boxcar
hot water music - sweet disasters
sham 69 - borstal breakout
plasmatics - test tube babies
twisted sister - i wanna rock
d generation - no way out
motley crue - live wire
murder city devils - get off the floor
soft boys - i wanna destroy you
blondie - rip her to shreds
joan jett & the blackhearts - do you wanna touch me (oh yeah)
ramones - rock and roll high school
poison - nothin’ but a good time
cramps - human fly
warsaw - warsaw
descendents - van
dickies - you drive me ape (you big gorilla)
suicidal tendencies-  possessed to skate (request)
fugazi - margin walker
dead kennedys - california uber alles
was (not was) - dad i’m in jail
ratt - round and round
social distortion - hour of darkness (request)
turbonegro - turbonegro must be destroyed
bikini kill - rebel girl
new york dolls - bad girl
stooges - no fun (request)
x - real child of hell
evil stig - crimson and clover

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