jason savvy


gallery girls - gallery godo - theme: “rock ‘n roll”

cramps - new kind of kick
turbonegro - sell your body (to the night)
birthday party - release the bats
sonic youth - 100%
pixies - rock music
social distortion - mommy’s little monster
x - los angeles
cheap trick - surrender
caesars - sort it out
def leppard - rock rock (til you drop)
ac/dc - if you want blood (you’ve got it)
runaways - cherry bomb
ozzy osbourne - shot in the dark
white stripes - seven nation army
brian eno - baby’s on fire
david bowie - rebel rebel
interpol - not even jail
black rebel motorcycle club - weapon of choice
yo la tengo - cherry chapstick
andrew w.k. - it’s time to party
damned - new rose
avengers - paint it black
ramones - the return of jackie and judy
joan jett & the blackhearts - do you wanna wanna touch me
quiet riot - cum on feel the noize
donnas - strutter
animals - boom boom
small faces - you need loving
murder city devils - i want a lot now (soo come on)
trashmen - bird ‘65
raveonettes - suicide
autolux - blanket
placebo - 20th century boy
twisted sister - i wanna rock
motorhead - ace of spades
judas priest - you’ve got another thing coming
 .45 grave - party time
ratt - round and round
999 - homicide
misfits - she
turbonegro - good head
motley crue - live wire
guns n roses - nightrain
rolling stones - satisfaction
ac/dc - highway to hell
blondie - rip her to shreads
lita ford - kiss me deadly
prince - let’s go crazy
d generation - degenerated
dramarama - anything, anything
iron maiden - the number of the beast
ozzy ozbourne - crazy train
dio - dream evil
ramones - somebody put something in my drink
sounds - living in america
concrete blonde - i’ll chew you up and spit you out
new york dolls - jet boy
hedwig the angry inch ost - angry inch
iggy pop - lust for life
billy idol - white wedding (request)
damned - jet boy, jet girl (request)
tsol - code blue
piledriver - metal inquisition

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