jason savvy


gallery girls - gnomon gallery - theme: "call of duty"

[movement 1: a call to arms]
conet project - phonetic alphabet / iran/iraq jamming signal
sample - 1st draft lottery birthdate announcement (1969)
sample - bing crosby draft psa
sepultura - war
conet project - russian counting man (overlay)
tricky - black steel
victor lundberg - an open letter to my teenage son
conet project - faders / workshop (overlay)
esben & the witch - marching song
tyler / call of duty: modern warfare 3 ost - special forces
public image ltd. - usls 1
outkast - b.o.b
bjork - army of me
unkle - an eye for an eye
sample - george w bush war speech (09-20-2001) (overlay)
front line assembly - mortal (instrumental)
call of duty: modern warfare 2 ost - opening music (alternate)
sample - lyndon b johnson “nervous nellies” speech (1966)
[movement 2: the rush to war]
ministry - so what
metallica - disposable heroes
subhumans - religious wars
dead kennedys - holiday in cambodia
born against - half mast (excerpt)
babyland - worst-case scenario
black sabbath - war pigs
jarboe - pure war (excerpt)
dead kennedys - kinky sex makes the world go round
massive attack - a prayer for england
call of duty: modern warfare 2 ost - remember…. no russian (excerpt)
front 242 - gripped by fear
jarboe - killer: dusted angel mix
wink martindale - deck of cards
swans - god loves america
sample - george w bush war speech 09-20-2001 (overlay)
[movement 3: homecoming/ptsd]
death in june - fall apart
nine inch nails - hurt
sgt barry sadler - ballad of the green beret (overlay)
portishead - roads
wyclef jean - gunpowder
joy division - dead souls
inspiral carpets - two worlds collide
u2 - bullet in the blue sky
tom waits - hell broke luce
disposable heroes of hiphoprisy - winter of the long hot summer
conet project - counting (overlay)
peter gabriel - we do what we’re told
belle and sebastian - i fought in a war

post-script: For this set, I took an approach I haven’t taken in quite awhile. In addition to using a lot of samples, I broke the set into three movements and used to the music and samples to construct a loose narrative. The results were complex and creatively very satisfying. The song list doesn’t really reflect it, but at times there were up to 3 audio sources broadcasting at once, creating layers, and what I hope came across as a fully immersive soundspace. And for those of you who don’t know, the “Conet Project” is a collection of recordings of mysterious short-wave radio transmissions of ciphers long thought to be related to international espionage


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