jason savvy


garden of lost dreams - mi alma garden

eric satie - gnosienne no. 4
current 93 / hilmar orn hilmarsson - the dream of a shadow of smoke
coil - the dreamer is still sleeping
ooooo - mumbai
einsturzende neubauten - der kuss
slowdive - cello
deaf center - white lake
tear garden - in search of my rose
fever ray - keep the streets empty for me
blonde redhead - love or prison
ulrich schnauss - shine
burial - endorphin
kirlian camera - black harbour
ritualzzz - goth bb
white ring - roses
add n to (x) - revenge of the black regent
die form - cantique ii
esben & the witch - marching song
zola jesus - night
royksopp- what else is there?
monsters are waiting - i wanna be adored
chameleons uk - second skin
swans - blood promise
tamryn - the waves
grill grill - something in the way
jarboe - not logical
holy other - yr love
blackmouth - the conversion (cruel)
white ring - suffocation (mater mix)
lush - last night (darkest hour remix)
coil - windowpane
snowman - hyena
channel one - beneath a field of steel
mater suspiria vision - theme from picnic at hanging rock
dive - take your dreams away
placebo - running up that hill
nine inch nails - in a warm place
mercy design - lady in the radiator song

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