jason savvy


realm of legends - mi alma garden

bel canto - die geschichte einer mutter
bjork - pagan poetry
pan’s labyrinth ost - long, long time ago
world of skin - please remember me
tangerine dream / legend ost - once long ago
natacha atlas - le printemps
au revoir borealis - heavens downward
slowdive - the ballad of sister sue
siouxsie & the banshees - face to face
bat for lashes - a forest
cocteau twins - wax and wane
fever ray - if i had a heart
sisters of mercy - neverland (a fragment)
edward ka-spel - nuts in may
vas - sapphyro
tangerine dream / legend ost - the dance
jarboe - a woman’s dreams
jocelyn montgomery & david lynch - sapientie
bjork - visu-vatnsenda rosu
cocorosie - raphael
yann tiersen - plus d’hiver
sxip shirey - clumsy ballerina
this mortal coil - dreams made flesh
christian death - tales of innocence
delerium - silence
lamb - gorecki
zimmer/gerrard/gladiator ost - now we are free
sigur ros - med sud i eyrum
bryan ferry/ legend ost  - is your love strong enough?
qntal - falling star
tangerine dream / legend ost - darkness
brian eno - an ending (ascent)

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