jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “jack the ripper”

nora keyes - the show is over
ez3kiel - subaphonic
vernian process - engelorum
add n to (x) - revenge of the black regent
nick cave & the bad seeds - jack the ripper
low - murderer
chris vrenna - flying on the wings of steam
badalamenti / city of lost children ost - l’anniversaire d’irvin
dorian wood - the real
marc & the mambas - catch a fallen star
tiger lillies - cruel frederick
cinema strange - reveil en sursaunt d’un reve
devothchka - viens avec moi
smashing pumpkins - we only come out at night
abney park - thornes and brambles
real tuesday weld - bringng the body back home
badalamenti / city of lost children ost - mort de la pieuvre
rasputina - remanants of percy bass
tom waits - poor edward
ian mccoy - the banks of the seine
amanda palmer - ampersand
corelli / autumn - la folia
dark dark dark - that light
jones / league of extraordinary gentlemen ost - this task requires heroes
jill tracy - evil night together
6ths - the dead only quickly decay
yann tiersen et jane birkin - plus d’hiver
amber asylum - black sabbath
gothic archies - scream and run away
in the nursery - morecambe tram ride
miss kittin - dub about me
pj harvey - down by the water
beat circus - delirium tremens
jones / from hell ost - death coach
charles gounod - funeral march of a marionette
stanley roper - impressions of london
rosin coven - dybbuk’s dirge
circus contraption - acrophelia’s lament
luminescent ochestrii - moon
florrie forde - hold your hand out you naughty boy!
bastard fairies - we’re all going to hell

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