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gallery girls - gnomon school of vfx - theme: "the sailor and the mermaid"

jolly rogers - biddie mcgraw
lhasa de sela - a fish on land
andrea corr - caroline and her young sailor bold
martin carthy/uk group - ballade von den seerubern
johnny collins & friends - leave her johnny
tiger lillies - pressganged
gordon bok - queer bungo rye
iggy pop & elegant too - the dreadnought
sean lennon w/ jack shit - row bullies row
skip henderson - two hornpipes
tom waits - singapore
pogues - wake of the medusa
bat for lashes - siren song
angelite - jano, hubavo jano
mum - oh, how the boat drifts
the black heart procession - waterfront (the sinking road)
devics - lost at sea
archers of loaf - chumming the ocean
madredeus - ao longe o mar (the faraway sea)
tom waits w/ keith richards - shenandoah
baby gramps - cape cod girls
gavin friday - baltimore whores
tiger lillies - drunken sailor
ween - the blarney stone
pyrates royale - bonny ship the diamond
brigan ensamble - the king of the fairies/the mermaid
antony/bryan ferry - lowlands low
murder city devils - press gang
adam and the ants - jolly roger
flogging molly - tobacco island
nick cave - fire down below
roger mcguinn - jolly roger
tiger lillies - skull & crossbones
jenni muldaur - row the boat child
nick cave and the bad seeds - the ship song
tim buckley - song to the siren
angelite - listni se goro
chris martin - the legend of davy jones (fourty fathoms below)
bob copper - warlike seamen (the irish captain)
jones / last of the mohicans ost - promentory
stan ridgway - hanging johnny
alela diane - the pirate’s gospel
die streuner - munner mit barten
ellen cohn - ten-penny bit (instrumental)
eliza carthy - rolling sea
joanna newsom - colleen
jeff and gerret warner - jolly roving tar
disney - yo ho concertina version
bono - a dying sailor to his shipmates
white magic - long time ago
johnny collins & friends - sailor’s prayer
dead man’s bones - buried in water

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