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hades in sf - westerfeld house - theme: “a seance for edward gorey”

Photo: San Raquel

nora keyes - tomb song
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - besotted mother
voltaire - headless waltz
yann tiersen - comtine d’ete n-17
cocorosie - bloody twins
magnetic fields - for we are the king of the boudoir
dreamland faces - je sais comment
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - abc
sunny day real estate - pheurton skeurto
ween - cold blows the wind
dorian wood - no home for a funeral
a hawk and a hacksaw - a hawk and a handsaw
nora keyes - i’m a big girl now
circus contraption - acrophelia’s lament
yann tiersen - la dispute (third eye foundation remix)
gothic archies - things are not what they appear
charles gounod - funeral march of a marionette
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - trampled lilly
real tuesday weld - waltz for one
tammy grimes - reads “the pious infant”
nick cave & the bad seeds - black hair
luminescent orchestrii - moon
sxip shirey - clumsy ballerina
tom waits - poor edward
mark mothersbaugh - kibbles and buddy
rasputina - remnants of percy bass
devotchka - strizzalo
dreamland faces - that old feeling
tom waits - innocent when you dream (78)
marc and the mambas - once was
in the nursery - morecambe tram ride
smashing pumpkins - we only come out at night
jill tracy - evil night together
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - weeping chandelier
beat circus - dark eyes
yann tiersen - mouvement introductif
6ths - the dead only quickly
gorecki/kronos quartet - string quartet no. 3 adagio (excerpt) w/ tammy grimes - reads “the evil garden” overlay
jason webley & sxip shirey -regurgitated lullaby
cocorosie - candy land
nora keyes - cauliflower
corelli/emilie autumn - la folia
gothic archies - dreary, dreary
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - learned pig
dame darcy - silver dagger
amber asylum - black waltz
gene moore/carnival of souls ost - haunted
mark mothersbaugh - bbb buddy
emilie autumn - largo for piano and harpsichord
tiger lillies - russians
nick cave & the bad seeds - the willow garden (vocals by conway savage)
magnetic fields - zebra
tom waits - cemetery polka
circus contraption - the bird girl
dorian wood - the real
amber asylum - black sabbath
portishead - wandering star
gorecki/kronos quartet - string quartet no. 3 adagio  - molto adante - cantabile w/ tammy grimes - reads “the wuggly ump” overlay
tear garden - on a ship named despair
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - gin
luminescent orchestrii - kombucha monster
smiths - cemetery gates
fishtank ensemble - itty bitty snitty little french man
angelo badalementi/city of lost children - l’execution
6ths - waltzing me all the way home (w/ odetta)
jason webley - dance while the sky crashes down
magnetic fields - how fucking romantic
circus contraption - over the rails
tom waits - a little drop of poison
real tuesday weld - bringing the body back home
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - hipdeep family
edward gorey/ max nagl - the disrespectful summons
sparklehorse - it’s a wonderful life
nick cave & the bad seeds - death is not the end
nora keyes - small apart
yann tiersen - la valse des monstres
marc & the mambas - catch a fallen star
beat circus - delirium tremens
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - dreadful domesticity
gothic archies - when you play the violin
ambrose & his orch. w/ vera lynn - grandma said
dreamland faces - i’m a dreamer
circus contraption - loligo’s pickled punks
gene moore/carnival of souls ost - profane - sacrilege
mark mothersbaugh - oh buddy boy
tammy grimes - reads “the gashleycrumb tinies”
nora keyes - the show is over

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