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gallery girls - gnomon school of vfx - theme: "evil scientists"

disney sound efx - mad scientist lab
deadbolt - down in the lab
cramps - human fly
tom lehrer - lobachevsky
dr steel - build the robots
third sight - rhymes like a scientist
kraftwerk - the voice of electricity
dr. octagon - i got to tell you
add n to (x) - revenge of the black regent
zanies - the mad scientist
timelords - doctorin’ the tardis
polecats - make a circuit with me
man… or astro-man? - like a giant microwave
guided by voices - i am a scientist
oingo boing - weird science
onion radio news - mad scientist’s plot twarted by budget cuts
freezepop - science genius girl
dr octagon - elective surgery
goldie lookin’ chain - half man half machine
moxy fruvous - the mitosis waltz
insane clown posse - mad professor
mc hawking - fuck the creationists
dr. steel - atomic superstar
does it offend you, yeah? - weird science
rza & mf doom - biochemical equation
parliament funkadelic - dr funkenstein
dr. octagon - biology 101
bobby “boris” pickett & the crypt-kickers - monster mash party
diagram brothers - those men in white coats
nellie mckay - clonie
omd - genetic engineering
kraftwerk - the man machine
phenomenauts - cyborg
zombina & the skeletones - evil science
x-ray spex - genetic engineering
electric frankenstein - i was a modern prometheus
thomas dolby - she blinded me with science (u.s. mix)
john otway - bunsen burner 2002
blackalicious / cut chemist - chemical calisthenics
ron granier - theme from dr. who
tom waits - what’s he building in there?
vangelis - nucleogenisis (part i)
add n to (x) - pink light
melodysheep - the quantum world
yellow magic orchestra - citizens of science (multilies version)
hazel o'connor - eighth day
rocky horror picture show ost - the time warp
deltron 3030 - upgrade (a brymar college course)
dr. octagon - wild and crazy
flametrick subs - mad scientist
man… or astro-man? - man made of co2
they might be giants - science is real

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