jason savvy


gallery girls - gnomon sketch theatre - theme: "killer klowns"

massari / killer klowns from outer space ost - escape from the klown ship
mr. bungle - quote unquote
alien sex fiend - alien sex fiend
sex gang children - oh funny man
45 grave - party time
fuxedos - jellybean
april march - kooky
echo & the bunnymen - people are strange
residents - the sleeper
coil - disco hospital
joe meek - entry of the globbots
tomanandy - halloween song
misfits - mommy, can i go out and kill tonight?
bomboras - a fistful of terror
turbonegro - d.i.b (drenched in blood)
plasmatics - butcher baby
andrew wk - ready to die
zillatron - exterminate
dwarves - bleed on
pygmy love circus - madhouse clown
ac/dc - if you want blood (you’ve got it)
crispin hellion glover - clowny clown clown
dickies - killer klowns from outer space
firewater - the man on the burning tightrope
tom waits - carnival
arno - death of a clown
deadbolt - return of patches
999 - homicide
herrmann / the day the earth stood still ost - alternate theremin mixes
dumbo ost - pink elephants on parade
stooges - search and destroy
sleepytime gorilla museum - ablutions
tiger lillies - freakshow
phantom limbs - jointly stranded
mr bungle - stub (a dub)
newman / the lost boys ost - to the shock of ms louise
x-ray spex - the day the world turned day-glo
fanfare ciocarlia - balaseanca de 8 ore
oingo boingo - no one lives forever
elefant - the clown
marilyn manson - the beautiful people
roy orbison - the clown
massari / killer klowns from outer space ost - the fun house (parts 1 & 2)
fad gadget - back to nature
edith piaf - bravo pour le clown
circus music - ganharvas
slayer - reign in blood
circus contraption - toy shop armageddon
sex gang children - circus days
johnny mathis - you and me against the world
massari / killer klowns from outer space ost - galactic globe theatre (full version)

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