jason savvy


sasha birthday party - theme: “edward gorey”

6ths - the dead only quickly
clara rockmore - tchaikovsky: serenade melancholique
yann tiersen  - la dispute (third eye foundation remix)
theremin noir - waltz for clara
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - trampled lilly
black heart procession - stitched to my heart
dorian wood - the real
jill tracy - evil night together
ditty bops - four left feet
beat circus - dark eyes
al bowlly with the ray noble orch. - midnight with the stars and you
mckinney’s cotton pickers - if could be with you
dresden dolls - coin-operated boy
david johansen - alabama song
tom waits - cemetary polka
residents - the weaver
gothic archies - scream and runaway
nora keyes - excreted from our mother’s womb
moore/carnival of souls ost - carnival of souls
mark mothersbaugh - oh buddy boy
yann tiersen - movment introductif
sunny day real estate - pheurton skeurto
charles gounod - funeral march of a marionette
marc and the mambas - catch a fallen star
tiger lillies - terrible
rosin coven - march of the modern pagans
devotchka - strizzalo
cinema strange - revil en sursant d’un reve
baby rosebud - spy
tuxedomoon - volo vivace
jill tracy and the malcontent orch. - doomsday serenade
tom waits - little drop of poison
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - weeping chandelier
circus contraption - over the rails
jason webley - dance while the sky crashes down
abney park - herr drosselmyer’s doll
nick cave & the bad seeds - the weeping song
siouxsie & the banshees - hall of mirrors
add n to (x) - revenge of the black regent
emilie autumn - an age remembered
miss kittin - dub about me
residents - shorty’s lament
bauhaus - king volcano
gothic archies - things are not what they appear
friends of dean martinez - per sempre
beat circus - delerium tremens
mumlers - st. james street
rasputina - rusty the skatemaker
real tuesday weld - bringing the body back home
tiger lillies/kronos quartet - histoire de kay

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