jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “a werewolf and a vampire”

screamin’ lord sutch - dracula’s daughter
southern culture on the skids - werewolf
archie king - the vampire
tv on the radio - wolf like me
eight ball grifter - vampire
born losers - werewolves on wheels
groovie ghoulies - she’s my vampire girl
misfits - wolfsblood
marilyn manson - if i was your vampire
cramps - i was a teenage werewolf
oingo boingo - no one lives forever
maury laws - mad monster party
birthday party - release the bats
hot blood - soul dracula
rob zombie w/ the ghastly ones - halloween (she get so mean)
siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
.45 grave - surf bat
misfits - vampira
concrete blonde - bloodletting (the vampire song)
big boy groves - bucket o’ blood
howlin’ wolf - smokestack lightnin’
jill tracy - evil night together
lydia lunch - spooky
gnarls barkley - the boogie monster
belly - low red moon
arcade fire - vampire / forest fire
cure - burn
voltaire - tanz der vampire
amber asylum - black sabbath
denise & the duble dates - that halloween night
david lynch - ghost of love
ghastly ones - icy grip of fear
john zacherley - baying at the moon
she wants revenge - tear you apart
outkast - dracula’s wedding
rasputina - transylvanian concubine (marilyn manson mix)
killing joke - love like blood (gestalt mix)
editors - blood
bomboras - fistful of terror
misfits - skulls
tumblers - scream
bauhaus - dark entries
davie allan & the phantom surfers - extrasensory perception
monsters - walking through the cemetery
alien sex fiend - i walk the line
bollock brothers - drac’s back
ronald stein - song from spider baby
dickies - booby trap
roky erikson & the aliens - night of the vampire
rob zombie - living dead girl
evans carroll - the monster
zacherle - happy halloween
zacherle - halloween hootenanny
andres pajares - dracula ye ye
frankie & the newports - monster mash

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