jason savvy


wig out! get your witchy women of rock on! - three of clubs

bessie smith - haunted house blues
white stripes - in the cold cold night
elysian fields - lady in the lake
cocteau twins - wax and wane
lush - last night (darkest hour mix)
blonde redhead - misery is a butterfly
belly - low red moon
siouxsie & the banshees - christine
pj harvey - meet ze monsta
.45 grave - party time
runaways - cherry bomb
april march - voodoo doll
x - real child of hell
dickies - booby trap
lydia lunch & clint ruin - don’t fear the reaper
diamanda galas & john paul jones - do you take this man
blondie - rip her to shreds
patsy montana - yodeling ghost
elfman / nightmare before christmas ost - this is halloween
siouxsie & the banshees - dazzle
heart - barracuda
bjork - army of me
agent provocateur feat. siobahn fahey - she’s lost control (spektrum remix)
braindead sound machine - walkin’ after midnight
danielle dax - big hollow man
golden boy & miss kittin - rippin kittin
yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll
oingo boingo - no one lives forever
siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
nina hagen - born in xixax
raveonettes - suicide
ladytron - destroy everything you touch
switchblade symphony - mine eyes (request)
klaus nomi - ding dong (the witch is dead)  
lita ford - kiss me deadly

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