jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “victorians in repose”

mono - life in mono
bjork - bachelorette
bel canto - die geschichte einer mutter
blonde redhead - the dress
siouxsie & the banshees - hall of mirrors
nick cave & the bad seeds - lovely creature
jill tracy - evil night together
amanda palmer - leeds united
tones on tail - go!
smiths - bigmouth strikes again
tiger lillies - gin
rasputina - stumpside
clara rockmore - liebeslied
dreamland faces - broadway rose
dresden dolls - coin-operated boy
cinema strange - tomb lillies
theremin noir - waltz for clara
yann tiersen - la dispute (third eye foundation remix)
ez3kiel - subaphonic
add n to (x) - barry 7’s contraption
yann tiersen - la plaisanterie
the real tuesday weld - waltz for one
magnetic fields - the way you say goodnight
pentaphobe - delicate perceptions
luminescent orchestrii - moon
dame darcy - silver dagger
jill tracy and the malcontent orchestra - doomsday serenade
interpol - pioneer to the falls
tear garden - in search of my rose
ladytron - all the way
echo & the bunnymen - killing moon
marc and the mambas - catch a fallen star
sxip shirey - clumsy ballerina
gaslight orchestra - dear old girl
nora keyes - i’m a big girl now
anita lane - the world’s a girl
cocorosie - candyland
creatures - killing time
portishead - glory box
wumpscut - thorns
a hawk and a hacksaw - for slavoj
humanwine - estat
circus contraption - over the rails
rube waddell - vienna waltz
ute lemper - sex appeal
bastard fairies - memento mori

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