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gallery girls - gnomon school of vfx - theme "schoolgirls and teachers"

white stripes - we’re going to be friends
beach boys - all dressed up for school
chuck berry - school days (ring! ring! goes the school bell)
belle & sebastian - expectations
ricky nelson - waiting in school
ramones - rock and roll high school
jawbreaker - chemistry
mc5 - high school
clash - mark me absent (live)
smiths - the headmaster ritual
coasters - charlie brown
pulp - p.t.a (parent teacher association)
polecats - school of rock and roll
jerry lee lewis - high school confidential
saved by the bell tv show theme song
van halen - hot for teacher
donnas - new kid in school
nirvana - school
dead kennedys - straight a’s
nation of ulysses - cool senior high school (fight song)
runaways - school days
nada surf - popular
brownsville station - smokin’ in the boy’s room
social distortion - story of my life
beach boys - be true to your school
twisted sister - be chrool to your scuel
madness - baggy trousers
abba - when i kissed the teacher
black box recorder - the school song
timbuk 3 - the future’s so bright
necros - i hate my school
red hot chili peppers - catholic school girls rule
josie cotton / valley girl ost - school is in
super furry animals - the teacher
ian dury - jack shit george
paul anka - smells like teen spirit
jan and dean - new girl in school
pink floyd - another brick in the wall (parts 1 & 2)
morrissey - the teachers are afraid of the pupils
police - don’t stand so close to me
kinks - education
jeannie c riley - harper valley p.t.a
gary u.s. bonds - school is in
prince - starfish and coffee
young mc - principal’s office
afroman - back 2 school
nat king cole - you don’t learn that in school
lulu - to sir with love
vampire weekend - campus
bobby rydell - swingin school
gene pitney - town without pity
baz luhrmann - everybody’s (free to wear sunscreen) mix
gary u.s. bonds - school is out
yardbirds - good morning little schoolgirl
45 grave - school’s out
alice cooper - alma mater

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