jason savvy


gallery girls - gnomon school of vfx - theme: "wild west"


sixteen horsepower - the denver grab
old crow medicine show - the silver dagger
johnny cash - cool water
gram rabbit - devil’s playground
bobby horton - sweet betsy from pike
ennio morricone/a fistful of dollars ost - titoli
nick cave and the bad seeds - tupelo
angels of light - my true body
devotchka - the enemy guns
ennio morricone - the good, the bad  and the ugly (main title)
low - the lamb
pixies - silver
sixteen horsepower - i seen what i saw
june carter cash - will the circle be unbroken
builders and the butchers - bringin’ home the rain
black rebel motorcycle club - ain’t no easy
murder city devils - bunkhouse
outlaws - ambush
ennio morricone/gunfight at red sands ost - a gringo like me
dock boggs - brother jim got shot
bobby horton - poor wayfarin’ stranger
devotchka - commerce city sister
black heart procession - the waiter no. 2
barry black - cowboys and thieves
ennio morricone/once upon a time in the west ost - man with a harmonica
johnny cash - god’s gonna cut you down
black rebel motorcycle club - shuffle your feet
cisco houston - the dying cowboy
sixteen horsepower - american wheeze
michael hurley - hog of the forsaken
felice brothers - whiskey in my whiskey
bobby horton - dogue creek
whiskeytown - desperate ain’t lonely
mark lee scott - fallen from grace
felice brothers - goddamn you, jim
ennio morricone/once upon a time in the
west ost - death rattle
builders and the butchers - raise up your
weary hands
old crow medicine show - darlin’ corey
gustavo santaolalla - iguazu
ennio morricone - for a few dollars more
david schwartz/deadwood ost - theme from deadwood
sixteen horsepower - brimstone rock
whiskeytown - black arrow, bleeding heart
carter family - no depression in heaven
johnny cash - the ballad of boot hill
ennio morricone/once upon a time in the west ost - farewell to cheyenne
clifton atkins family - at the end of the trail
al petteway - shadow on the marsh
black heart procession - your church is red
sixteen horsepower - prison shoe romp
old crow medicine show - rub alcohol blues
johnny cash - bury me not on the lone prairie
ennio morricone/the good, the bad, and the ugly ost - the ecstasy of gold
bon jovi - wanted dead or alive

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