jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “dejah thoris, princess of mars & her slave girl”“

hermann / the day the earth stood still ost - the elevator / magnetic pull
billy may & his orch. - this room is my castle of quiet
joe meek/bob freeman & the blue men - entry of the globbots
jack malmsten - satan takes a holiday
moog cookbook - ziggy stardust
fischerspooner - the 15th
telefon tel aviv - what’s the use of feet if you haven’t got legs?
future sound of london - snake hips
raymond scott - portofino #1
aphex twin - beetles
jean jacques perrey - the elephant never forgets
suicide - mr. ray
crystal castles - drink ‘n fuck (good times)
creatures - pluto drive
snog - the human germ
le tigre - seconds
babyland - burning up
covenant - dead stars (club version)
attileo “art” mineo - gayway to heaven
legendary pink dots - a triple moon salute
joe meek/bob freeman & the blue men - valley of the saroos
fad gadget - back to nature
klaus nomi - i feel love
residents - diskomo
crystal castles - crimewave
bigod 20 - like a prayer
ebn - behavior modification / we will rock you (crowd control mix)
kmfdm - godlike/doglike
jean jacques perrey - e.v.a.
les baxter & his orch. - moon moods
bruce haack - national anthem to the moon
autechre - kalpol intro
carlos / tron ost - tron scherzo
suicide - space blue bambo
young savages - the invaders are coming
chrome - zombie warfare (can’t let you down)
moog cookbook - 20th century boy
somnambulants - take it on
shiny toy guns - le disko
bjork - 5 years
psychic tv - godstar
aphex twin - fingerbib
raymond scott - ibm mt/st - the paperwork (instrumental)
wendy carlos - afterlife
parliament - mothership connection (star child)

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