jason savvy


gallery girls - sketch theatre - gnomon gallery - theme: “metalocalypse”

ozzy osbourne - crazy train
quiet riot - metal health
dethklok - go forth and die
tool - aenema
gwar - sick of you
twisted sister - i wanna rock
iron maiden - number of the beast
dethklok - burn the earth
high on fire - hung, drawn, and quartered
donnas - strutter
turbonegro - good head
dr rokso - rock and roll clown
van halen - jump
7000 dying rats - open the realm (i left my keys in there)
dethklok - thunderhorse
slayer - seasons in the abyss
neurosis - through silver in blood
red fang - prehistoric dog
big business - shields
dethklok - i tamper with the evidence at the murder site of odin
sleepytime gorilla museum - 1997 (tonight we’re gonna party like it’s…)
judas priest - you got another thing comin’
kiss - love gun
ratt - round and round
metallica - creeping death
isis - sgnl > 05 (final transmission)
melvins - hooch
ministry - just one fix
sepultura - arise
dethklok - face fisted
cradle of filth - the forest whispers my name
motorhead - ace of spades
motley crue - shout at the devil
black sabbath - paranoid
metal shop - big boobs
ac/dc - if you want blood (you’ve got it)
andrew w.k. - it’s time to party
dethklok - better metal smoke
marilyn manson - the beautiful people
ac/dc - mistress for christmas
iron maiden - 2 minutes to midnight
dethklok - pickles intro/kill you


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