jason savvy


gallery girls - e3rd lounge - theme: “holiday elves”

bjork - frosti/aurora
pogues fet. kirsty maccoll - a fairytale of new york
cocteau twins - frosty the snowman
raveonettes - christmas song
los straitjackets - a marshmallow world
elvis presley - blue christmas
roy orbison - pretty paper
eartha kitt - santa baby
pizzicato five - snowflakes
arthur lyman - rudolph the red
mojo nixon - boogie woogie santa claus
combustible edison - christmastime is here
squirrel nut zippers - santa claus is smokin reefer
grand buffet - stocking stuffer
beck - little drum machine boy
james brown - santa claus go straight to the ghetto
blowfly - jingle bell rock
dolly parton & kenny rogers - hard candy christmas
rupaul - i saw daddy kissing santa claus
knife - christmas reindeer
ladytron - all the way
ramones - merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight)
vandals - it’s christmastime for my penis
muffs - nothing for me
yo la tengo - rock n roll santa
los straitjackets - sleigh ride
satan’s cheerleaders - christmastime is here again
moog machine - carol of the bells
white stripes - in the cold cold night
low - silent night
prince - another lonely christmas
sonic youth - santa doesn’t cop out on dope
spinal tap - christmas with the devil
el vez - brown christmas
tiny tim - santa claus has got the aids
frank sinatra - jingle bells
bjork - icelandic christmas carol
death cab for cutie - christmas (baby please come home)
low - cue the strings
beat happening - christmas
nick cave & the bad seeds - fifteen feet of pure white snow
cocteau twins - winter wonderland
scott walker - winter night
bright eyes - silver bells
siouxsie & the banshees - the sweetest chill
captain sensible - one christmas catalogue
sun ra - it’s christmas time
mark mothersbaugh - soylent night
waitresses - christmas wrapping
monty python - ho ho fuckin ho
thurl ravenscroft - you’re a mean one, mr. grinch
lou chaney - monster holiday
white stripes - candy cane children
suicide - hey lord
flaming lips - christmas at the zoo
tom lehrer - a christmas carol

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