jason savvy


ben is dead 30th anniversary reunion

mike vague and friends - title unknown
bikini kill - rebel girl
circle jerks - wild in the streets
babyland - worst case scenario
new bomb turks - born toulouse-lautrec
steel pole bath tub - welcome aboard it's love
ann magnuson - miss pussy pants
butthole surfers - i saw an xray of a girl passing gas
sean delear - masters
caresse & sickmob - r.u. xperienced?
nurse with wound - coolorta moon
rump - brenda can't dance to this
chrome - the chronicles i
carla bozulich/neon veins - #3
lubricated goat - new kind of animal
jesus lizard - nub
garage monsters - safari to mumbooba
sun city girls - dreamland
dr know - boys life
weirdos - helium bar
ch3 - you make me feel cheap
aggression - rich kids
butt trumpet - i've been so mad lately
tit wrench - life sucks do me
mean jeans - let's pogo b4 u gogo
rump - who is brenda? (six six six mix)

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