jason savvy


gallery girls late night art party - gallery 2023 - theme: “70s sci-fi”

herrmann/day the earth stood still ost - prelude and outer space
herrmann/day the earth stood still ost - radar-danger-klaatu
herrmann/day the earth stood still ost - gort-visor-telescope
chrome - abstract nympho
young savages - the invaders are coming
charles grean - theme from star trek
parliament - mothership connection (star child)
charles grean - music to watch space girls by
moog cookbook - 20th century boy
b-52s - planet claire
cramps - goo goo muck (request)
residents - the moles are coming
thunderbolts - lost planet
david bowie - starman
hermann/day the earth stood still ost - nocturne - the flashlight
max v matthews - the second law
neil merryweather - king of mars
zodiac - aries - the fire-fighter
leonard nimoy - highly illogical
jean jacques perrey - gossipo perpetuo
ercolino ferretti - trio
atilleo mineo - the queen city
stereolab - percolator
alien sex fiend - e.s.t (trip to the moon)
moog cookbook - rofk and roll all night
babyland - test pilot
lost in space theme
paddy kingsland - the earthmen
zodiac - cancer - the moonchild
edward artemiev - looks at the world of sound (excerpt)
gemini iv: walk in space sample
residents - whoopy snorp
carlos/tron ost - light cycles
charles grean - beyond antares
joe meek & the blue men - entry of the globbots
residents - diskomo
fischerspooner - the 15th
jean jacques perrey - passport to the future
shadow project (uk) - never come down
moog cookbook - ziggy stardust
legendary pink dots - the saucers are coming
clara rockmore - wienawski - romance
carlos/clokwork orange ost -timesteps
joe meek & the blue men - valley of no return
laika & the cosmonauts - zero gravity stomp
parliament - unfunky ufo
stereolab - les yper-sound
neil merryweather - neon man
wicked witch - vera’s back
crewe/fox/barbarella ost - black queen’s beads
raymond scott - backwards overload
gemini v: eight days in space sample splices
leonard nimoy - alien
jean jacques perrey - the elephant never forgets
chrome - creature eternal
moog cookbook - ain’t talkin’ about love
timelords - doctorin’ the tardis (club mix)
zoiac - pisces - the peace piper (request)
plugz/repo man ost - reel ten

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