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molly crabapple “scarlett takes manhattan” book signing - meltdown comics

bennie moten’s kansas city orch. - south
mae west - easy rider
fletcher henderson orch. - hocus pocus
lucille bogan & walter roland - shave ‘em dry
al jolson - alexander’s ragtime band
hokum boys - hokum blues
johnny o’toole & his naughty naughty band - bicycle built for two
noble sissle & his orch. - loveless love
walter huston - let’s say hello to the ladies
shorty godwin - jimbo jambo land
ruth etting - button up your overcoat
peggy lee - why don’t you do right (get me some money too)
emmet miller & his georgia crackers - the gypsy
johnny o’toole & his naughty naughty band - buffalo gals show me the way to go home
hokum boys - put your mind on it
king oliver’s jazz band - i ain’t gonna tell nobody
al jolson - sister susie’s sewing shirts for soldiers
clara smith - it’s tight like that
p whiteman & his orch. - nobody’s sweetheart
jack hylton - by a waterfall (request)
harry reser- the old town pump
alex moore - blue bloomer blues
earl hines - i ain’t got nobody
don redman & his orch. - chant of he weed
bix biederbecke - jazz me blues
johnny o’toole & his naughty naughty band - will you love me in december as you did in may?
georgia pine boy - one more greasing
fanny brice - my melancholy baby
vitoria spivey - good cabbage
al jolson - give my regards to broadway
johnny o’toole & his naughty naughty band - harrigan
maurice chevalier - oh! maurice
new vaudville band - sadie moonshine
louis armstrong & the hot sevens - twelfth street rag
ethel waters - black and blue
ambrose & his orch. (feat. vera lynn)- grandma said
blind sammie - atlanta strut
alberta hunter - you can have my man if he comes to see you too
missisippi jook band - dangerous woman
mae west - frankie and johnny
kate smith - maybe, who knows
ink spots - i don’t want to set the world on fire (request)
edith piaf - la vie en rose

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