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gallery girls - gnomon school of vfx - theme: "superheroes"

justice league of america sample
beach boys - heroes and villains
traits - nobody loves the hulk
neal hefti & his orch - batman theme
captain america - flame on
clique - superman
dickies - gigantor
wonder woman tv theme
queen - flash
sufjan stevens - the man of metropolis steals our hearts
naked raygun - coldbringer
undertones - wonder boy
ramones - spiderman
shonen knife - buttercup (i’m a super girl)
lavern baker - batman to the rescue
link wray - green hornet
chemical people - aquaman
wesley willis - i whipped spiderman’s ass
xtc - that’s really super, supergirl
they might be giants - particle man
snoop dogg (featuring lady of rage, rbx) - batman & robin
super friends tv theme
apples in stereo - signal in the sky (let’s go)
warm jets - silver surfer
rollins band - ghostrider
method man - the riddler
john williams / superman ost - prelude and main title march
superman jerry siegel radio interview excerpt 1940
flaming lips - the supreme being teaches sipder-man how to love
shakespear’s sister - catwoman
black lips - spidey’s curse
jane’s addiction - superhero
cure - burn
alicia keys - superwoman
elton john - dan dare (pilot of the future)
danger doom - a.t.h.f
kinks - (wish i could fly like) superman (disco mix)
john williams &  margot kidder - can you read my mind (pop version)
joe tex & u black - batman & robin
eartha kitt - i want to be evil
tom waits - spidey’s wild ride
tricky - wonder woman
goldsmith / supergirl ost - overture
entombed - wolverine blues
anthrax - i am the law
black sabbath - iron man
zimmer / the dark knight ost  - social experiment
robert j kral - superman doomsday main title
muse - knights of cydonia
rancid - side kick
jam - batman theme
suicide - ghost ride
fall - how i wrote “elastic man”
zimmer / the dark knight rises ost - gotham’s reckoning
joe harnell - the lonely man theme
low - silver rider
david bowie - heroes
joey scarbury - greatest american hero (believe it or not)

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