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gallery girls - gnomon school of vfx - theme: "cops"


lapd scanner intro
police sirens sample
public enemy - 911 is a joke
prince paul (featuring everlast) - the men in blue
phantogram - running from the cops
ice cube - ghetto bird
krs-one - sound of da police
cypress hill - pigs
john wayne - call the police
red simpson - the highway patrol
supergrass - caught by the fuzz
wesley willis - illinois state police
anthrax - i am the law
johnny cash - highway patrolman
junior murvin - police and thieves
rolling stones - undercover of the night
rick james - mr policeman
dead kennedys - police truck
chris farlowe & the thunderbirds - buzz with the fuzz
rhythm heritage - theme from s.w.a.t
larry wallis - police car
bobby fuller four - i fought the law
strokes - new york city cops
operation ivy - officer
suede - we are the pigs
u.k. subs - new york state police
bad brains - riot squad
4 skins - all cops are bastards
h2o - cops
cockney rejects - police car
fugazi - great cop
angelic upstarts - police oppression
pharcyde - officer
nwa - fuck tha police
wesley willis - it’s against the law
radiohead - karma police
john hiatt - cop party
gomez - get myself arrested
killdozer - the pig was cool
swans - cop
spiritualized - cop shoot cop (edit)
mike post (featuring larry carlton) - hill st blues theme
bill hicks - officer nigger hater (overlay)
asian dub foundation - officer xx
burning heads - police in helicopter
thin lizzy - call the police
bo diddley - cops & robbers
gene vincent - held for questioning
police squad tv show theme
dj shadow - stem (cops n robbers mix)
dicks - hate the police
equals - police on my back
raveonettes - cops on our tail
west side story ost - gee, office krupke
nat king cole - call the police
eric cartman - listen to my authority sample

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